Jolly Rancher LeiGiant Jolly Rancher Candy Lei$30

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Giant Multi-flavor Dubble Bubble Candy Leis - Gum LeiGiant Dubble Bubble Candy Lei – Multi-color 

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Giant Dubble Bubble Lei- YellowGiant Dubble Bubble Candy Lei – Yellow

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Werthers Graduation Candy Leis - College LeiGiant Werther’s Candy Lei$35

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Giant Tootsie Roll Lei - Candy LeisGiant Tootsie Roll Candy Lei$30

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Strawberry Candy Lei - Graduation Leis - Candy LeisGiant Strawberry Candy Lei$30

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Peppermint Christmas Lei - Candy LeisGiant Peppermint Candy Lei$30

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Bit-O-Honey - Candy LeisGiant Bit-O-Honey Candy Lei$30

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Giant Fruit Chew Candy Lei - Candy LeisGiant Fruit Chew Candy Lei$30

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Giant Patriotic Salt Water Taffy LeiGiant Patriotic Salt Water Taffy Lei$30

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Giant Black Licorice Salt Water Taffy LeiGiant Black Licorice Salt Water Taffy Lei$30

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Giant Peppermint Salt Water Taffy LeiGiant Peppermint Salt Water Taffy Lei$30

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There are so many fun reasons for candy leis and some fun traditions that go along with them.

Graduation Leis…
Candy Leis are without a doubt a graduation favorite. We’ve seen graduates loaded up with so many candy leis and graduation flower leis, that the poor graduate is hunched over from the weight of it all, or can barely see where they’re going. As burdensome as that may seem, it’s a huge compliment to be given that many. (Be sure to put the candy leis on first, then the paper money leis and flower leis laying on top of the candy leis, so the flowers and money don’t get squished).

Birthday Leis…
Who doesn’t want a giant candy lei for their birthday!

Christmas Leis…
We’ve had people order Christmas themed candy leis to give to their favorite Santa or even as stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for teachers, friends and family. That’s a tradition we’ve started in our family. They know they’re getting a candy lei, but they never know what candy it’s going to be this time, and that’s the fun part.

Wedding Leis…
It’s not uncommon to see flower wedding leis on a bride or groom, so when you see an awesome Giant Candy Lei in place of a flower lei, it’s certain to draw some attention. The Werther’s Leis are the most popular candy wedding leis because of their shiny gold color that glistens and matches everything. We can even add wedding color ribbons to it (or as close as possible to the wedding colors).

Carnivals, Fairs and Fundraisers…
Whether it’s a city/town fair or a school carnival, candy leis are a hot item because they are so different than the usual treats you see there. We’ve even had people buy them as fundraiser items for their school carnivals.

Football Games and other Sports…
You’ve probably seen NFL players being gifted with candy leis or wearing them. It’s also a popular thing to give favorite players at any sporting events, including Jr High, High School, College teams, etc.

Easter Leis…
Candy leis are a fun and unique Easter treasure to find when Easter egg hunting. There are even some nifty egg shaped containers you can even put the candy leis in, making it the ultimate Easter egg! Even the Easter bunny loves getting candy, especially if it’s in the shape of a candy lei.

Valentines Leis…
If a box of chocolates is too predictable for you, then try a Valentine’s themed candy lei. The Cinnamon Candy Leis are a favorite due to its bright red color (we can even add white, pink or red ribbons to it). The melt-in-your-mouth Werther’s Leis are also a valentine favorite due to the sparkling gold wrappers. They look especially great when adding pink, red and white ribbons to them.

St. Patricks Day…
Even though St Patrick’s day is an Irish thing, it’s ok to celebrate it with a candy lei too. The golden colored Werther’s Leis look much like a pot of gold (especially when sitting in a black cauldron). Some people we know will put the gold leis in a black cauldron and leave it on their friends door step. Some families even do that with their kids and tell them the leprechauns left a gift.

Need both Candy Leis and Flower Leis?

The Candy Leis are made and shipped by us here at BuyGraduationLeis.com.

The real Hawaiian Flower Leis come from other retailers. (We are affiliates for other companies that make and ship the real flower leis to you).

So when you purchase Candy Leis from this website, we handle the billing, making and shipping of those. When you order the real Hawaiian leis, that retailer handles the billing, making and shipping of those. If you order both, you will be taken through separate checkout and payment procedures.