Giant Werther’s Candy Lei

Werthers Candy Lei - School Lei GIANT WERTHER’S CANDY LEI

  • This eye catching Werther’s candy lei is a popular graduation lei, birthday lei and even wedding lei because it’s so shiny, drawing a lot of attention and it is delicious!
  • You can add ribbons that are your school colors or wedding colors or just have it all Werther’s.
  • It is designed to pull off a piece without destroying the rest of the lei.
  • $35 each plus shipping. (Prices in drop down menu include shipping)
  • Save on shipping when you buy multiple leis.

  • Pay with PayPal (accepts all major credit cards) or Venmo!
  • If you don’t want ribbons, just type “no ribbons” in the box below. It does not change the price.

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Important notes for you:

  • If you are picking up leis in Orem, Utah, pre-ordering is still required as they are made to order (made fresh). Contact us for pick up info and procedure.
  • If you are ordering multiple different kinds of candy leis, go ahead and contact us on that as well so we can save you on shipping.
  • If you would prefer to pay via Venmo, look at the prices and Venmo us @AdventureRocks. In the description, include what leis you want and don’t forget the shipping cost and address if you are having them shipped.

Our candy leis are made fresh for you when you order. Turn around time on the candy leis right now is about 2 business days plus shipping time. We normally ship via USPS Priority Mail). Please order with enough time to receive the candy leis in time for your special person and event. (I recommend giving yourself a two week window to be on the safe side as mail can be unpredictable).

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