How Kids Make Money with Graduation Leis

Candy Graduation Leis - How Kids Make MoneyHow can kids make money when delivering newspapers, mowing  lawns, raking leaves, shoveling driveways, and lemonade stands, aren’t a realistic option? Why not sell graduation leis?

We recently learned about some very clever kids who sold our candy graduation leis during the graduation season (with the help and supervision of their parents of course). In fact, they did so well, they were able to pay for their own Disneyland adventure, just in time for summer vacation.

How did they do it?

They simply took the orders, charged a little more than we were were charging, collected the money themselves and then ordered directly from us. They then kept the difference. (We had no idea. We just knew orders were coming in and would make the candy leis and ship them).

For example, they would collect $30 plus shipping from their customers/friends for one of the giant candy leis, when we would only charge $25 plus shipping. This gave the kids an extra $5 from each giant lei. The best part is, they didn’t have to put the work into making the graduation leis.

So if they took 100 orders from students in their college town, that would be an easy $500 for them.They did just limit themselves to college students though. They sold them to high school students, Jr high’s, etc.

I personally thought that was pretty brilliant on their part. Apparently they came up with with the idea on their own and their parents supported it.

The nice thing about the candy leis is that you don’t have to wait for graduation season. They make great birthday leis, wedding leis, luau leis or just for fun leis. So really kids (or anyone) could make some extra spending money with them all year long. Is there a little adventure you would like to take?

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